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How to Recover Password on Nigeria Police Recruitment Website

Well, many are careless to the extent that they forget the password they registered Nigeria Police Recruitment with. When something like this happens, they start asking questions like “how to recover your forgotten password on Nigerian Police Recruitment”?

After creating your account on the Nigeria Police Recruitment website and you forgot your password. You will be getting error message when you try logging in with the wrong password, it will not allow you to access your account and complete your registration or check your application status.

This post is for you if you are in this category and want to recover your password on the Nigeria Police Recruitment Website 2020. You will have to pay attention to the explanations that will be dropped here and follow it accordingly.


Official Nigeria Police Recruitment Portal is open to all Nigerians between 17-25 years and is interested in working with NPF. Recruitment is absolutely free, report anyone asking you for money to help you in the recruitment exercise to the appropriate authority.

When creating account on, make sure you write down all the details you used to be on the safer side. You should use an active email address, and a simple password that you can remember. If you must use a complicated password, be sure to write it someone as backup in case you forget it.

How to Recover Forgotten Password on Nigeria Police Recruitment Website

Did you forget your Nigeria Police Recruitment Portal password? This is a serious issue since there is no forget password option on the official recruitment portal of Nigeria Police.

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In every website, there is always a button that says “recover password” you will use this button if you forgot your password and want to reset it to a new one. When you click on the button and enter your email address, a reset password link will be sent to your registered email address.

A quick check on the Nigeria Police Recruitment Website shows that there is nothing like recover password option.

To gain access to your dashboard again, you will need to contact them on social media or email at or They will be able to restore your password for you.

Please, do not create another account as it will be consider multiple applications and will lead to your disqualification. Keep every detail you used for the registration safe for documentation purposes.

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